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My name is Malika,
I’m a Wedding and Portrait Photographer in Sacramento who enjoys documenting couples in love. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been “the girl with the camera”. At every sleepover or get together, you could find me with one of those chunky little digital cameras from the 2000s in my pocket.. A camera in one pocket and a mirror in the other because apparently it was essential to look flawless in middle school LOL. My love for documenting moments came back into fruition once instagram came out. You could not tell me I wasn’t a photographer as I slapped on terrible filters and borders to the random photos I took. From Instagram photos to joining Yearbook in High School, I got the crazy idea to actually pursue Photography. Sacramento State was the catalyst to my educational journey and Sacramento City College provided me with the knowledge to start my business. Fast forward to present day, I’ve discovered my passion for documenting love. While many things excite me, anyone who knows me knows that I am a total romantic. I’ve always dreamed of a perfect fairytale love story. Witnessing each love story reminds me that soulmate are real.. And reminders like that light up my world.
Aside from Photography, I love sunsets and warm sunny days, music with too much bass, and anything chocolate. I also enjoy adventures with my boyfriend, cuddling my cat Marley, and spending time with family. I love sweets and good food too, so if you plan to have food or dessert trucks at your wedding, you are already my favorite couple! LOL
Thanks for reading! If you like my vibe and want your photos taken by a cool chick like me, reach out via my contact form. Talk to you soon!

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